Batman and Catwoman

By Erika Moen on May 11, 2012

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One of the benefits of working at Periscope Studio is having the opportunity to artistically bounce off of two dozen diverse cartoonists who all happen to be in the same room.

What you see above is a collaboration between Steve Lieber (Whiteout and Underground), Benjamin Dewey (The Tragedy Series, various Star Wars stories) and me teaming up over the course of an afternoon on a blank piece of paper left on our lunch table.

From the description on Periscope’s Etsy page,

A collaboration that could only happen at Periscope Studio. Steve Lieber penciled a picture of Batman swinging to the attack. Erika Moen added a lurking Catwoman in the background, and Benjamin Dewey swooped in and brought it all together with his spectacular draftsmanship.

Pretty cool, huh??

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