Chicken Lady

By Erika Moen on August 28, 2012

Man, I’m the worst at coming up with titles. If anyone can think of something better than “Chicken Lady”, lemme know.

Here I was trying to figure out which paper to use as a background. So many possibilities! My studio has two walls of it literally covered with my fancy papers so I can quickly size up which ones I’m going to need for a project.

See? Here’s an older photo of one wall (we’ve moved some of the furniture around since this was taken, but the papers are still hung like that!)

Matt suggested this really nice blue paper that I’d never used before because I hadn’t liked its super slick texture, but he was totally right, it was definitely the right paper for this one.

This was my first time using a circular panel and I’m delighted with the results! I also really enjoyed having her hair design going completely off the panel into space.

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