Dandelion Head

By Erika Moen on May 25, 2012

Hey, hey, another new painting! The inspiration for this one came while I was doodling some dandelion weeds in my backyard.

The original doodle in my sketchbook, the under-drawing, and the lightly penciled drawing on 300lb hot press watercolor paper.

Watercolors and gold accents completed!

All the pieces together, waiting to be assembled.

Some more trimming along the bottom edge of the painting, to make it circular. Had to be careful not to accidentally slice off one of the little dandelion heads!

Dwam snapped this of me just as I finished gluing everything together (I’m rubbing the glue off my hands in the left picture). Yay! Done! …Well, I still had to go press it overnight while the glue dried. But still! As done as it could be!

Hopefully I can bust out a new series of paintings like this over the next couple months and find a place to exhibit them!

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