Dueling Swordfish

By Erika Moen on October 23, 2012

Several of my friends have entered and won Fluevog’s ‘design our ad!’ contests, so I thought I’d go on and give it a try myself! Even though my piece didn’t make it as one of the finalists (you can see them here), but I am pleased with how this came out. I tried some new stuff and I’m pretty happy with the results!

The Swordfish Edwardian was their style this time around (which I actually do find pretty attractive, I would’t mind having a pair of those), which was billed as being “unisex”. Right off the bat I knew I wanted to do an ad that would play with androgyny/gender-fuckery.

After doing a couple sketches in my sketchbook with pencil and ink, I scanned them in and then built up the full design in Photoshop.

Then I printed out my digital lines, lightbox traced them onto a scrap of watercolor paper I had laying around and got out my paints.

Voila! Watercolored with some white gouache outlines.

On a separate piece of paper I went and painted this background.

While at a nice dessert place, they brought out our dishes on these adorable paper doilies. My husband laughs at me for being such a squirrel but you never know when you’ll be able to use miscellaneous scraps of pretty paper later! This project wound up being the perfect opportunity to scan it in and use. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, MATTHEW?

Then I dicked around in Photoshop for a few hours until this emerged! Well, I mean, this is the full-bleed version without their slogan on it. You can see the cropped, slogan’d version at the top of this post. Click to see larger!

You can toooootally buy the original painting and a Giclée print of the final version on my Etsy! Or just straight up buy a Giclée print by itself!

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