Europe: Part Four (Jeg Lag)

By Erika Moen on December 23, 2011

(This is part of my series of recaps about traveling to England and France this year from October 25 – November 8th)

Matthew and I traveled without any sleep for pretty much an entire day (Departed Portland October 25th at 3:30pm, arrived in London on October 26th at 12pm) and then we had to stay awake the whole day so that we could force our sleep schedules to realign to our new time zone, set eight hours ahead of Portland.

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Whenever we go back to visit Matthew’s family, he always makes a point to repair as many things around the house as he can. This time around, he had this to work with:

Notice that the left lid’s knob is not like the other’s. That’s because it got left in the oven and melted to that flat disk you see now. Due to its new transformation, it was nearly impossible to extract the bottom screw holding the top bit in place, so nobody’s been able to fix it.

Well, ol’ Matt got to work and with a lot of patience and persistence, finally managed to undo the screw and replace the knob wiiiiiiiith…..

This delightful wine stopper cork thing that he screwed in through the bottom.


He is so handy.

And then finally we got to go to sleep.

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