January Life Drawing (Second Week!)

By Erika Moen on January 12, 2012

My goal is to go life drawing once a week for this entire month and last night I actually got myself to bike through the freezing weather to make it out to Hipbone Studio to fulfill this week’s requirements!

We started with some one minute long gesture poses.

Then we moved on to some three minute poses. (Click to Enlarge)

A couple 15 minute poses.

30 Minutes (Click to Enlarge)

30 Minutes (Click to Enlarge)

30 Minutes. (Click to Enlarge)

Make sure you also check out Steve Lieber’s drawings from the same night:

Attending this session exactly just one week after my last one at Periscope really made a positive difference for me. The amount of time it took for me to warm up was significantly less than when I only go life drawing once a month, it felt so much more natural to just fall back into it. Though I don’t think I ‘leveled up’ or anything, I do feel like I actually made some minor improvement this time around, which is a pretty awesome feeling.

Two life drawing sessions down, two to go!

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