Jiz Lee

By Erika Moen on January 4, 2013

Jiz Lee
Oh my gosh, I’m beyond excited that I got to team up with amazing porn star, Jiz Lee! They contacted me about creating their holiday card for Karma Pervs, their erotic art philanthropy charity that raises funds for non-profit organizations in their community.
3 of my 7 Saints of Sex Toys
Jiz had enjoyed my Saints of Sex Toys series and was looking for a portrait of them that would also portray sex positivity as saintly.

Face sketches
First up, I practiced sketching their face, just to get a feel for how I would portray them in the final product.

Next up: THUMBNAILS! These are super rough sketches just to get an idea of placement and mood and figure out what direction we would want to take this piece in. Jiz hoped that we could work in fisting, if possible, so I looked to incorporate that with the traditional heavenly rays emanating behind a saintly figure that you see in so many classical religious paintings.

Jiz liked the first piece best, but wanted a more assertive stance and to make it a bit more birth-of-venus-y with them rising up out of their own fisted vagina (wow, now there is a sentence I did not expect to be writing). They also asked me to replace the held dildo to instead be their hand in the fisting position with a latex glove on (to support safer sex practices), which I think is a great touch. Jiz has written some great articles about the commonly misunderstood act of fisting, you should totally read about it!

Under Drawings
I printed out each of the image’s elements separately so that I could trace them onto watercolor paper and paint them with traditional media.

Butt Plugs

Then it came time to piece everything together in Photoshop.

And I ruined it.

Oh god, should I even show you guys this?

Uhg — just remember, IT GETS BETTER.
I know, I know, I know. I can barely look at it either.

So I did what I do every time I’m banging my head against a drawing I’m working on (by which I mean ruining)— I begged my devastatingly handsome husband Matthew to fix it for me.
Jiz Lee
And he did!

Isn’t he the best?

He is.

The yellowy-gold of the halos and the decorative wallpapers in both versions (the horrible one I did and the gorgeous one Matt did) are scans of papers from my Fancy Paper Collection (You can see a portion of my collection hanging on the wall in this picture. Actually, that middle purple/blue paper is the one used in the fixed portrait of Jiz!)

So, yeah! That is how I made this portrait of Jiz.

If you would like a copy of it for yourself, sign up for Jiz’s Karma Pervs or, until January 11th, I’ll include a free copy with every order of Smut Peddler (while supplies last).Sorry, I’ve already run out!

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