Life Drawing, First Week of February

By Erika Moen on February 14, 2012

My studiomates and I were so impressed with Jonathan’s modeling at Hipbone Studio last month (Remember my drawings from that one?) that we invited him to come model for Periscope Studio‘s February session.

5 Minutes

5 Minutes

5 Minutes (This was one of my favorite drawings from that night)

15 Minutes

(Click to Enlarge) 25 Minutes (This was my other favorite drawing of the night)

25 Minutes

My January goal of going life drawing once a week for one month was mostly a success! In four weeks I got in three sessions, which is as close as I’ve ever gotten to finishing one of my monthly drawing challenges. Working that into my schedule in the first place has inspired me to keep it up throughout the year, so hopefully I’ll still be getting in more than one session a month for the rest of the year.

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