Life Drawing – First Week of March

By Erika Moen on March 16, 2012

Dang, too tired to write much of a description.

Same drill as my last few batches of life drawings, I’m using straight up ink to force myself to make stronger, confident, committed lines.

Having forgotten my brushpen, I had to make-do with a regular ol’ pen and fill in shadows with crosshatching.

Many thanks to Leia Weathington for posing for us! She has a really excellent new book titled The Legend of Bold Riley coming out from Northwest Press in June and oh my goodness it’s going to be a goddamn treat, I tell you what.

Seattle Events

At the end of March I have two events coming up in Seattle, Washington!

-March 29 at 7pm, Nutritional Information: A Webcomics Artist Panel. (The Henry Art Gallery, 15th Avenue Northeast)

-March 30 – April 1, Emerald City Comicon at booth 223. (Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place)

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