Life Drawing, Second Week of February

By Erika Moen on February 17, 2012

Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I’m pushing myself to work with stronger, solid, ink shadows and textures– which is why I went to Hipbone Studio‘s Saturday session resolved to use ONLY my brushpen for the entire three hours of drawing.

That’s right, no penciling first. Just straight ink. Eeek!

1 minute long gesture drawings.

5 Minutes

One of the problems I ran into with the longer poses is that I would finish my drawing WELL before it was time to change to the next pose. Normally that isn’t the case, because when I’m using pencil or even a Bic pen, I can keep noodling away and adding more details and strengthen the shadows. But with stark BLACK and WHITE there’s not much room for tweaking! So ultimately I would draw the same pose three or four times in about 5-10 minute bursts each during the 15-30 minute poses.

3 minutes

About 10 minutes?

About 5 minutes?

About 10 minutes?

About 10 minutes?

This was quite a challenge for me!

Next time I’ll try to push blocking in even more stronger shadows, though as someone who sticks pretty strictly to linear drawing it makes me nervous (That is, it’s easy for me to see things in clean outlines, as opposed to looking at things as objects with depth built up by light and shadow creating volume).

But that’s the whole point of forcing myself to work strictly in black and white, to re-train my eyes to pick up the volume of my subjects and not just their outlines.

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