Moon Snail

By Erika Moen on September 20, 2012

My newest painting/collage, the mighty Moon Snail.

Working on the Snail Lady painting gave me the itch to do some more snail-centril paintings.

Several years ago I bought a sheet of this awesome shiny, silver sticker paper stuff, but never had a good project to use it on. UNTIL NOW. The nice thing about sticker-y paper is that I don’t have to use glue! I just cut out the shape I want and then peeeeeel off the backing. So nice.

Sometimes when I start a painting I have an idea for what I’d like to do in the background behind the figure– this was no such case. I knew I wanted to do the snail and I knew I wanted to use the black patterned paper, but all the background elements came together as a series of experiments of snipping out different shapes and shifting them around on the panel until I found something that worked. Very much like putting a puzzle together, except that you’re cutting out your pieces as you go and some are going to get chucked in the end.

My favorite thing about this piece is how incredibly shiny it is, way more than anything I’ve ever done before! Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to photograph– but I think you can get a pretty good idea from these pictures. What are those birds that love shiny things? Magpies? Man, I don’t know, but this is me collecting bits of reflective material and lining my nest with it.

By the way, you’re coming to see me in Seattle at the Jet City Comic Con this Saturday, September 22nd, right?

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