The Doubleclicks and #NerdNightOut

By Erika Moen on October 18, 2012

Last summer I wound up watching The Doubleclicks perform an outdoor concert purely by chance and I instantly became a fan. Their music is clever and adorable and you’re most likely dead inside if you don’t enjoy it. Since serendipitously listening to their concert last year, it turns out we share some common friends and now have quasi-regular dance dates when everyone is in town at the same time– so when I heard they were looking for an artist to create a poster for their upcoming show, I lept at the chance!

To start things off, I made some really quick thumbnail sketches just to establish the general direction of the piece– the mood, the lay out, etc. The event will be featuring two music acts that utilize the ukelele and two comedians, all of whom have a nerdy, clever bent in their performances. In the A and C designs I was really trying to present a whimsical feeling and focus on the individual performers. But juuuust in case they wanted something a bit more, I dunno, serious or classy or something I made the B design to highlight the fact that it would be an evening of musicians and comedians, without focusing on the individual personalities.

Once they had chosen their favorite thumbnail, I went and drew it up proper using Photoshop and my Cintiq. (The title still hadn’t been decided upon at this point, obviously!)

Then I printed out my digital linework so that I could ink it using a brush (Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 with Windsor and Newton Black Indian Ink). What can I say, I’m just way better at making lines in real life than on the computer! Since the title for the event still hadn’t been decided yet, I didn’t mess around making the top banner.

We hadn’t talked about color schemes at all, so I just went in and colored the artwork like this. I was going for a warm feeling with the yellows and reds, and then, of course, the main characters had to pop out so I used a pale blue on them.

But! As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, they wanted a more primary palette– specifically with a blue background and yellow on the figures, to make the poster more eye catching and vibrant. Which it now is!

That is the fun of working with clients, they help push me to try new things and color combinations that wouldn’t have occurred to me on my own. To create a little more variety between all the yellow shirts, I added a couple patterns so it wouldn’t be a boring wall of yellow. Even though I prefer inking in real life, to save time I added the top banner and title in all digitally. Haha, hopefully the difference between my actual inking and my digital inking aren’t too glaring.

So yeah! That is how it all came together! And if’n this poster makes you wanna go see the event for yourself, here’s the information in hyperlink form.

November 8th, 7:30pm, $8
Curious Comedy Theater
5225 NE Martin Luther King Blvd.
Portland, OR

Aaaaaaaaand The Doubleclicks ain’t the only one with some events comin’ up!
Thursday, October 17th
Come see Leia Weathington and me read our Smut Peddler story at Comics Underground
8pm, basement of the Rialto, in the Jack London Bar at 529 SW 4th Ave, Portland

Saturday, October 20th
Bucko Signing at Comics Dungeon
Parker and I will be signing Bucko at Comics Dungeon in Seattle!
1-4pm, 250 NE 45th St, Seattle, Washington 98105

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