One Leg Up

By Erika Moen on October 11, 2012

A sketch for a project.

I’ve pretty much lost a week of productivity because this cold knocked me on my ass :( Haha, you should have seen me trying to color a freelance illustration using the trackpad of my laptop while cocooned in blankets on my couch. It took me three hours to do something that would have been 30 minutes with my Cintiq! ROUGHIN’ IT, just like the pioneers.

I’m fiiiiiiinally starting to feel better, though! Well enough to rough out this sketch which is half of a thing I’m working on.

Oh hey, you guys know I’m fuckyeaherikamoen on Instagram, right? (You can still follow my updates on Webstagram if you have a regular phone-phone that doesn’t browse the internet and give you stock advice.)

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