Oracle Painting by Elizabeth Levesque

By Erika Moen on September 10, 2011

Oracle by Elizabeth Levesque

I followed Elizabeth’s progress on this painting through her Flickr during 2010 and coooovted it like crazy. She made it available for sale and I waited too long so somebody else bought it and I was kinda heartbroken. But then! That sale fell through! SO I BOUGHT IT WITHOUT HESITATION. Mind you, this painting was earmarked for a gallery show in June 2011, which meant I had to wait about six or so months before I’d actually be able to hang it on my wall. But! The time is up and it made it to my greedy hands in July!

I love it so much, I can’t stop admiring it every time I walk through the room.

It was completely unintentional that I hung Elizabeth’s painting right next to my Stuntkid piece (close up) that I bought in…2008?– Stuntkid, who just happens to be her husband. What a talented couple!

Here’s a better photo than mine over on Elizabeth’s Flickr.

Progression Shots from Elizabeth’s Flickr below (All photos belonging to and taken by her, of course!):

How awesome is that to follow the evolution of such a gorgeous painting? Can you blame me for falling completely in love with it! No, sir, no you cannot.

Even though it’s now been hanging on my wall for a solid two months, I still can’t help but admire it whenever I walk through the room. So lovely!

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