Portland Mercury Illustration

By Erika Moen on June 14, 2012

My favorite local newspaper, The Portland Mercury, totally fulfilled one of the goals I’ve had since moving here by hiring me to draw an illustration for them!

It’s for the article Exposed by the Police Union, written by Denis Theriault. The concept presented to me was “Sam Adams and Mike Reese being pantsed by Daryl Turner.” Let it never be said that I can not follow directions.

Aaaaaand in the very same issue, my studiomate Dylan Meconis and I were interviewed by Alison Hallett to share some of our hard-won tips on being married for the article From One Queer to Another— Dylan also provided that gorgeous illustration!

Hey, speaking of Dylan, did you know she is raising funds through Kickstarter to print THREE of her books?

Watch this video and then I DARE you not to kick a few bucks her way.

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