Queen of the Forest

By Erika Moen on May 3, 2012

After a few months of not picking up my brush, I had a surge of painterly productivity over the last few days! The result is this collage/painting, Queen of the Forest, which is based on local Portland dancer and painter, Cricket Quills.

I made her as a companion piece to Je Ne Suis Pas Un Faun, which I created in 2010. Haha, man, you can tell I used two different scanners for each of these. That is the exact same paper background in each, but no matter how much I toggled with them in Photoshop I could not get the Queen’s hue to match the Faun’s. Hrm!

I went through a couple different sketches, trying to get the face down and figure out antler design. And, of course, the original sketch for the Faun piece there to keep me focused. Originally I wanted her to have more realistic antlers, but everything I tried just looked… stupid. In the end, I wound up mirroring the Faun’s antlers on her, and making hers a bit more curlier.

My favorite part is when the figure is extracted from the rest of the paper and I can just prop them up around my house.

Like this! The Queen sits amongst my tea cups.

But then it is time to get back to business and get on with the rest of the piece. Since this was my first collage/painting in ages, I wanted to keep things simple so I just went with a decorative background paper and gold silhouette cutout to go in back of the figure.

Now is the time when I post a bunch of close ups.

Ba-BAM! There you go!

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