September Life Drawing

By Erika Moen on September 17, 2011

Once a month, my Studiomates go out life drawin’! Here’s my results from our September session. Normally I’d just cherry pick my best pieces (or, y’know, the ones I’m least ashamed of!), but maybe you guys would be interested in seeing what an entire drawing session looks? If that is the case, then here! This is what an entire night of life drawing looks like.

C-c-c-click to enlarge!

One minute poses.

Gesture poses are always my favorites, because the model can take one really interesting shapes that would be too difficult to hold for longer periods of time and, because of the time limit, I can’t waste precious seconds getting too caught up in my self-judgement. I gotta capture the flow of the pose in its entirety without editing!

Five minutes poses.

Because I get really insecure about life drawing and “doing it right” (You know, oversize newsprint pad and charcoal sticks or whatever), I’ve found the best way for me to get over my mental block and just dive in with the work is to use super shitty supplies. All of these were drawn with a Bic pen on the backs of used paper that was thrown into the recycle bin by our studio’s printer. You can kinda see some of the text from the other side bleeding through in a few of these, I think!

Ten minute poses.

Something I’d really like to work on is loosening up my figures, so they’re not so blocky and stiff. My natural tendency is to draw straight lines for the limbs, like on an animation character, and I really need to work on letting my lines have a natural undulation.

Twenty minute pose.

Another place I struggle is with my incredibly linear thinking. When I’m drawing the body (or anything!), I’m thinking very much in terms of their outlines and hard contours, rather than building up a form based on the way light is bouncing off of it. Though pens, by nature, are good at putting down solid lines, I’m trying to work more on capturing shadow and building up tones with them. I guuuuuess I could use charcoal or whatever, since that is kinda what that stuff is made for, but they’re so messy! I’m just not ready to relinquish control of my tool yet.

Thirty minute pose.

Bit by bit, though, I’m trying to improve!

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