Snail Lady

By Erika Moen on August 29, 2012

“Snail Lady”, yes, yes, I’m still the worst at titling my paintings. My skills lay with making pictures, not pushing words around, I guess. It is my cross to bear.

The original doodle that started it all. Originally I was thinking of having her entire top covered in snail shells– that’s something I think I’d still like to try out in another picture. A suit of armor made of snail shells. Looking back at this doodle, I wish I had better preserved her big full lips and incredulous eyes in the final painting. Oh man, and that nose. I like this nose better than the one in the painting. Hmm. Moving on!

This painting I decided to use a much larger wooden panel (14″ x 10.5″) than I usually do, which meant I actually had to tape together several pieces of plain printer paper to make a surface large enough to fit the under-drawing onto it.

Once the painting was done, I had to choose which papers I would be pairing together. In the end, I went with a super shiny gold, an iridescent orange with a subtle natural marbling, and a matte light green with delicate pale gold leafy vines printed on it. A good combination of shiny and matte papers.

This hair was 100% inspired by ALB and specifically this photo of her taken by MWFB_OSC:

So there you have it! Another painting.

Slowly but surely I’m building up my painting collection. Once I’ve completed about ten or so, I wanna see if I find space to put on a show of them and a bunch of my prints. Oh! Speaking of which! If you were interested in getting one of my limited edition artichoke screenprints, you should totally get on that because I only have 15 left.

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