Tattoos of my Art

By Erika Moen on November 23, 2011

One of the unexpected and incredibly flattering results of being an artist is having people enjoying a drawing of yours enough that they embed it into their very flesh for ever. I’ve been surprised to have this happen a few times over the last few years and wanted to share the results with you guys.

The first time this happened was in 2009 from Kit, a reader of my DAR! comic. They specifically used a panel from my strip about compulsive skin picking, Zit Face.

Then in 2010 Kelsey got my cuddlefish illustration inked, which is from my Cephalopod Sweeties Postcards set. Here’s what the entirety of the card looks like (front/back), if you wanna see me at my punniest (I have no shame):

And then this year I received this photo from a reader of DAR! who wishes to remain anonymous:

Which is a panel from the strip titled When I’m Stressed. I’m so impressed that the tattooist managed to capture all my tiny little hatching lines!

Thanks to all the people who’ve thoughtfully requested my permission first to use my art to decorate their bodies, I really do appreciate it and the results are lovely <:)

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