Third Week of Life Drawing

By Erika Moen on January 17, 2012

Hey, Waddaya know, it’s the third week of January and I’ve actually gotten in my third life drawing session! I just may be able to complete this month’s Life-Draw-Once-A-Week sketch challenge!

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel really “on” during that session, so I didn’t draw many sketches I wanna share. Here’s the few that made the cut.

Two five minute sketches and a single one minute gesture.

Two fifteen minute sketches.

(Click to Enlarge) 30 minute sketch.

Don’t Forget!

This Saturday the 21st I am doing a book signing at Comics Dungeon in Seattle!

Comics Dungeon
1 – 4 pm, January 21st (RSVP)
250 NE 45th St.
Seattle WA 98105

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