Wedding Gift

By Erika Moen on August 14, 2012

Rich Stevens, one of my most favorite people on the earth, and Emily Nagoski, a lady whose sex education blog I very much enjoy but had not had the luck to meet yet, just got married on August 2nd!

The planets aligned magically and I was able to go spend four days with them in Massachusetts this past week. Of course I had to whip up a little gift to celebrate the good times.

(I accidentally reversed the sides they were supposed to be on, but it was so hard to get their portraits in the frame in the first place that I just left well enough alone. “It looks like we’ve got each others’ backs!” is how Rich justified it.)

It was SO GREAT to finally meet Emily after having enjoyed her wonderful blog, The Dirty Normal, for so long. She’s super smart and easy to talk with, especially about sex education stuff (which is very relevant to my life right now, as I’m toiling away on my enormous safer sex educational graphic novel for teens.)

And, of course, spending any time with Rich is always super inspiring and fun. He’s my brother from another mother, always making me so excited to try new ideas and think outside the box when it comes to this whole “comics” on the “internet” thing. It was on this trip that I realized we actually met exactly ten years ago! Holy moly. I feel so, so lucky to count him as one of my friends. Everybody should have a Rich in their life.

This trip was so invigorating; I got to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, get inspired, and best of all, see two amazing people in love joining together to make an unstoppable team of awesomeness.

Genuine congratulations to Rich and Emily, you guys are great together.

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