Year of the Octopus

By Erika Moen on December 31, 2012

Year of the Octopus
You… you guys probably already gathered that I love drawing octopuses, right? Right.

IT’S NOT A FETISH. Not… not really.

Joanna's Calendar Plate
Last time Joanna, my screenprinting buddy, and I met up she had talked about wanting to create a single page 2013 calendar and graciously shared her year-at-a-glance layout with me.

Original Octo
The original plan was for her to letterpress the dates and then we’d each screenprint our own design on top in a 4″ x 5″ space, so I designed the above octopus to fit within those parameters. (Sorry about the quality and cropping, I still gotta scan in the original)

But then troubles arose with the letterpressing part and it turned out the dates would also have to be screenprinted afterall– so I figured why not just start over with my whole design and really incorporate both the dates and drawing together? WHICH I DID.
Full Body Octo
At first I was going to leave the middle area of the drawing blank, since it wouldn’t be showing up in the final print anyway, but then I was like WUT NO I WANNA DRAW ALL THEM SUCKERS so I did.

Even though they totally got covered in the final design.

(You can totally buy this original inked drawing, by the way. I’m just sayin’)

Full Calendar
BAM, full integration.

Next up I headed over to Joanna’s house and we made screenprinting maaaaaaagic.

I’m so stoked with how this came out! Prints
Even the teeny tiny text came out crisp and clear!
Gaze upon my latest creation!
These prints are 9.5″ x 14″, hand screenprinted with magenta ink onto Arches 250gm paper (100% cotton, acid-free, mold-made in France with deckled edges) and are a limited edition of 24 copies. They are totally available for sale! Just for you! Don’t tell anyone else.

For funsies, I printed in silver ink on three pieces of indigo paper and three maroon. They look good when the light is hitting them squarely, but in regular lighting they’re a bit hard to read, so I’m not planning on selling them.

So yeah! I’m super stoked with how these guys came out and I hope you like ’em.
My Empire

Celebrate the year of the octopus on your wall!

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