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Until Friday 3/14/14, email me proof you donated to Scarleteen & I’ll send you the DAR! book PDFs.

Donate: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1433116
Email: http://www.erikamoen.com/contact/

The DAR! books have over a dozen comics not released online, plus other bonus content. Here’s all the deets on what’s in the DAR! books.

Here is the run down on what Scarleteen is and why they need to raise some serious dollas or else they’ll be forced to shut down nearly all of their services to provide teens with free, comprehensive, gender-inclusive, judgement-free sex education.

Babeland Art Show

Back in November 2013 I had my art show opening at Babeland in Seattle!

Haha, I know it’s a little late, but here are some photos from the reception, which was completely packed! By the time the camera came out, the crowd had had a chance to thin out a little, but one of the Babeland employees told me it was the largest art opening they’d had since they’d come on board several years ago. So that was neat!
Everyone who chatted with me was so lovely and thoughtful. I’m an anxious person, always predicting the Worst Case Scenario before every social event, and it’s so, so, so nice to be reminded that, oh yeah, the people who read my comics are funny and smart and interesting and a pleasure to talk to.

(Can you see all the bottles of lube I used to keep my prints flat on the table?)

I loved how Babeland arranged my art on their walls!

My black and white original pages of Oh Joy, Sex Toy were perfectly accented by the brightly colored bouquets of real sex toys beneath them. Perfect.

Babeland suggested featuring some of my personal favorite toys just for the show, and what better way to do that than with my own illustrated endorsements sitting right next to them.
I can’t tell you how fulfilling it was to have my work hung on the walls of the very first sex store I ever set foot in, over a decade ago. This specific Babeland was personally responsible for introducing me to the world of toys, sex positivity, and my very first orgasm (Which I wrote about previously here)

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came out to the show and bought everything I’d brought with me (save for two prints). It was an incredibly night and I’m so grateful for experiencing it!

Mark your calendars, because September 11th, 2014, I’ll be taking this show to one of New York’s Babelands too! Which one is still To Be Determined, but it’s happening.


Have you ever wished you could help support my comics and me in a tangible fashion?

Dudes, you totally can.

You can become a patron of Oh Joy, Sex Toy through Patreon and help support keeping this comic my number one occupation.

What is Patreon?

It’s sort of like Kickstarter, but rather than raising one lump sum of money all in one go for one final project, instead you sort of subscribe to give me a little bit of money each time I post a new comic. I update the site once a week, so if you pledged to give me $2 each time a comic goes up, that means I’d get $8 a month from you. But it’s totally in your hands how much and how often you want to support the site and you can put a cap on just how much you’re willing to give each month. So even if I went crazy bananas and posted a hundred strips in one week, you still wouldn’t go past your cap of say, $5 a month.
Learn more at Patreon’s FAQ

Why is Erika using Patreon?

This comic IS earning me a modest income through a bunch of different channels, but it fluctuates greatly from month to month. Each week’s update is actually 4-6 pages of full color comics, condensed into a single web friendly image, and takes me a full week to make. Seriously, it’s a full time job. I don’t even have time for commissions or freelance work anymore! So I’m launching my Patreon campaign as an option for you guys to help support OJST and me.

Primarily it’s to help me in my leaner months, but also it helps me pay for more fantastic guest comics that I need to use when I get sick or hit by a car (that actually happened a couple months ago) or need a new point of view on some sexy subject.


– $1 an update – Get exclusive snapshots posted in my activity stream of my progress on the comic every day that I am working on it.

– $5 an update – Download PDFs of both volumes of my previous comic series, DAR! Originally published as books in 2009 and 2010, these PDFs include comics and bonus content that was never released online.


Thank you!

Don’t worry if you can’t contribute, OJST will always be free. This is just an avenue for super fans to help directly support the comic financially if they would like to do so. I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received since OJST‘s launch in April 2013 and I definitely do not take any of it for granted! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for enabling me to work on a project I believe in 110% and am truly passionate about. I love sharing knowledge about sex and promoting sex positivity and I will do so, with our without Patreon, for as long as I possibly can.


Freelancer Roundtable 2013

Every year three of my favorite freelancers and I gather together to talk shop and answer questions about being self-employed in the creative fields, specifically comics and illustration.

We are: Katie Lane, Bill Mudron, Dylan Meconis, and me, Erika Moen (you’re already on my site, but I also do this comic called Oh Joy, Sex Toy)

You can listen to this year’s roundtable in podcast form or you can watch us on video!

Freelancer Roundtable 2013 Part One from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

Freelancer Roundtable Part Two from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

If you’d like more information and resources for dealing with the world of freelance and self-employment, please check out Katie’s site Work Made For Hire

Planned Parenthood December Donation

Alright, friends! I just made the final donation to Planned Parenthood from Lucy Knisley‘s and my Party With Planned Parenthood fundraiser print!

Party With Planned Parenthood
Back in April, Lucy stopped in Portland on part of her whirwind book tour for Relish. We’re both strong supporters of Planned Parenthood and of doing collaborative drawings together so we decided to squish these two interests into one! Thus… Party With Planned Parenthood was born.

Erika and Lucy
Real life Planned Parenthood supporters sent us their photos for us to draw them into the enormous party scene. We drew and inked the artwork together and then Lucy colored the line art digitally. I printed them out as a limited edition of 25 on fancy paper and after numbering them, we both signed them.

Party With Planned Parenthood from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

Over the last few months we’ve sold the original artwork and all of the prints!
In October we donated $1,150
In November we donated $250
And now, December, we’ve donated the final $250
Which comes to a total of $1,650 donated to Planned Parenthood!

But here’s the great thing– for the month of December, Planned Parenthood has a donation matching program in place, which means every donation you make gets matched by an anonymous donor.

So that means our final $250 was automatically matched by a mystery donor to become $500! Which brings our total amount of money raised for Planned Parenthood to $1,900!!!!!

Our heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who bought the original art and all the prints. I hope you’re enjoying the artwork and feeling awesome for helping out an absolutely vital service provider like Planned Parenthood.
Thank you.

Planned Parenthood November Donation

On November 30th I made the second installment donation to Planned Parenthood of the funds raised from Lucy Knisley and I selling our Party With Planned Parenthood fundraiser prints over the month of November- which was $250. October’s donation receipt can be found here.

Combined with October’s donation of $1,150, that brings our total up to $1,400!

Do you want in on this sweet action? We have FIVE limited edition, signed and numbered prints left!
Party With Planned Parenthood

Article on Slixa

Hey Hey! During my art show opening at Babeland last week (THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT! More on that later), I had the chance to talk with Madeleine Clavel of Slixa for this article she wrote about my latest work!

Illustrator Erika Moen Shares The Joy of Sex Toys
Thanks so much for chatting with me, Madeleine, it was a pleasure.

Babeland Art Show

Babeland art show
Yessss, it’s true! If you’d like to see the original comic pages that I draw weekly for Oh Joy, Sex Toy and say hi to me in person, then you don’t want to miss my art show at Babeland in Seattle!

The Oh Joy, Sex Toy Art Show
707 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

Hey, you don’t even need to leave once my show ends, because starting right at 8pm the folks at Babeland are running a workshop on sex toys! Yeah, you read that right.

Sex Toys 101 Mini Workshop
Thursday, November 14, 8pm, Free
Discover the joys of sex toys! We’ll explain various toys and how you can use them to enhance your sex life- vibrators, backdoor toys, lube and more.

This particular Babeland store was actually crucial to my development as a sexually healthy person –I wrote up a big old essay about how Seattle’s Babeland helped me out as a young woman and is actually responsible for my very orgasm– so it really means a whole lot to me that they invited me to do an art show with them.

I’ll be selling the original art work as well as some Sexy Times posters and copies of my DAR! books.
Hope to see some of you in Seattle!

Boinkology Interview

I’m so excited I got to talk with the legendary Lux Alptraum in-depth about Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

You can read our full interview over at Boinkology.

Party With Planned Parenthood October Donation

Today I donated $1,150 to Planned Parenthood from the funds Lucy Knisley and I raised by selling the original artwork and limited edition prints of our Party With Planned Parenthood illustration. More details about our project can be read here.

We’re not done yet, though!

We haven’t sold out of all the prints yet, so we can still raise more funds for Planned Parenthood.

If we sell another seven prints, we’ll have raised $1,500!

And if we sell out, that number will be raised to $1,650

Party With Planned Parenthood
I will continue to make a lump sum donation at the end of each month until we sell completely out.

Want to see some of the work that went into creating this illustration? Lucy and I have a high-speed video to give you a taste of how this artwork came to be:

Party With Planned Parenthood from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s bought a print or the original artwork. I’m so excited we can all pitch in to help an invaluable organization and make the world a little more beautiful through the arts– at the same time ;)