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I Want to Live

I Want to Live
I have a brand new comic up called I Want to Live over on The Nib.

If you would like to support my work, you totally can by becoming my patron on Thank you!

Bandette Short Story

Bandette I am so honored to illustrate a short story for the Eisner-winning series Bandette!

Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover are my studiomates at Periscope Studio and two of my favorite people. I hope we get to work together again soon!

Read my two page story, “And then?”, written by Paul Tobin.

Strip Search Summary

Strip Search
Got a brand new comic up today talkin’ about my experiences being a contestant on Strip Search!

Go read it!

Strip Search Elimination 6 Comic

Elimination 6
Oh man, I’m rushing out the door, but here real quickly is my elimination strip from episode 19 of Strip Search! The challenge was to create a comic combining the words “Naughty” and “Mystery” in just 90 minutes.

You can buy it here as a print, if you’d like! This is the original comic, no clean-ups were made.

Later today I’ll have a BRAND NEW comic for you about this episode :)

Oh Joy, Sex Toy

Oh Joy, Sex Toy
You guys, I cannot even begin to articulate how excited I am about debuting my new, weekly review comic, Oh Joy, Sex Toy.

Today is the culmination of four months of preparing, researching, interviewing, website-building, affiliate-courting and, of course, comic-making and I just could not be happier with the results. I truly feel this is my best work.

So… what is this all about?

Oh Joy, Sex Toy
Oh Joy, Sex Toy (OJST) is a weekly comic that updates every Tuesday to bring you reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry. From toys to workshops to birth control and much more, no stone will be left unturned, no vibrator left unused, no nipple left unpinched. With the aid of guest reviewers, this comic will cover products for ALL the different anatomies people posses, from vulvas to penises and beyond. OJST strives to be relevant to all different genders, body types, and sexualities.

DANG! Exciting! I hope you enjoy :)

Oh Joy, Sex Toy

(Credit to Amy T. Falcone for coming up with the title and Scott Kurtz for inventing “A celebration of fornication” You guys are better at this than I am.)

Original Smut Peddler Pages

Easy Pages for Sale!
Whoah, I’ve already sold out of all my copies of Smut Peddler! Don’t worry guys, I’m ordering more, but I don’t know when they’ll get here.

In the meeeeeantime, I’m also selling the original seven pages from Leia Weathington’s and my Smut Peddler story, Easy.
Easy, Page One
These are the original, inked pages without the digital gray toning that Leia provided for the book.
Easy, Page Two
I drew these pages digitally and then printed out my sketchy linework onto 9″ x 14″ Bristol board in a very light blue ink for the artwork and black ink for the border panels and text.
Easy, Page Three
The figures and backgrounds I inked by hand with my Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brush and Windsor and Newton Black Indian ink, with tiny details and hatchwork done by Faber Castell PITT pens.
Easy, Page Four
There’s also light pencils marks, both blue and grey, in places where I re-thought how I wanted to draw things after I’d printed out my bluelines.
Easy, Page Five
In places where I botched my inking, I used Pro White ink to make corrections.
Easy, Page Six
Personally, I love seeing original pages from other cartoonists– seeing how the final version varies from the actual art is so interesting to me.
Easy, Page Seven
There ya go, perverts! If you’d like to own any of these pages, you can find them on my Etsy. –Oh! And if you buy two or more pages, I’ll refund you $25 from your payment.

PS, this post is NSFW.

I’m Not Here to Make Friends

In December I “went on a trip” for two weeks that I couldn’t tell anyone about because, uh, I was in Seattle being filmed as a contestant on Penny Arcade’s reality TV game show, Strip Search.

So yeah! That is my big news. Episodes are expected to start running in the first quarter of this year, so I’m guessing sometime around March-ish? But hey, don’t hold me to that.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, not least of all because they gave me this commemorative pin!

And also I got to compete and bond with eleven amazing cartoonists that I’m proud to call my friends. Tavis Maiden, Nick Trujillo, Lexxy Douglass, Mackenzie Schubert, Maki Naro, Abby Howard, Ty Halley, Katie Rice, Monica Ray, Amy T. Falcone, and Alex Hobbsthank you for teaching me how to love again.

Bucko Book

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit, you guys! Bucko is finally available as a collected book from Dark Horse Comics TODAY.

It turned beautifully, I am so incredibly impressed with the production quality of this book. Allyson Haller was the designer on this project and oh my lord she totally nailed it.

Allyson successfully made the layout really playful and totally reflected the feeling of the content– a touch I was definitely not expecting! The first time I looked at the proofs for the book, my mouth was honestly hanging open with how impressive her work was.

Let me share this preview of the book with you!

Parker and I packed in jokes onto pretty much every single page, including the dedication.

Parker wrote essays about his creative process and inspirations between each chapter, along with my chapter break art to accompany it.

Aaaaand we made a bunch of brand new comics just for the book!

Extra comics, including the origin story of the Jugalette!

Over the course of the year I spent working Bucko, I amassed probably hundreds of reference photos of myself and fellow studiomates for the poses of the characters. Here, I share them with you!

Parker and I even broke down how we’d make a page together. From script to finished comic!

And, of course, we used this book to share some of the gorgeous artwork our readers created for us. Pictured here: Ron Chan, Deanna Echanique, Tara Abbamondi, and Adam Grant.

We’ve even got some sweet blurb quotes from Scott McCloud, Danielle Corsetto, Gisèle Legacé and more!

In the last few days reviews for the book have started rolling in– check out what Darling Dork, Talking Comic Books, Comics Worth Reading and Andrew Shuping have to say about our collection.

So, BAM! There you have it. That is our book.

If you are ready to get your own copy, try you local comic shop or Things From Another World, Powell’s, or Amazon.

Queer (English Version!)

Alright, the English version of Queer is now online!

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork

Queer (French Version)

I’m so excited that I can finally share my new comic with you guys! It’s called Queer and you can read it in French over at Projet 17 mai. Many, many thanks to Dwam for correcting my original (hilariously bad) translation and turning it into something readable in French.

May 17th, 1990 is the day L’Organisation Mondial de la Santé (World Health Organisation) struck homosexuality from its books as a mental illness, turning May 17th into an international day of remembrance and a day to fight homophobia and transphobia.

Projet 17 mai contacted me several months ago about creating a comic on the theme of homophobia, and though it is definitely something I’ve experienced (being denied service, having people throw garbage, being followed by howling gangs of men, etc. just for holding my girlfriend’s hand), I actually have been more hurt and upset by the biphobia I’ve experienced from the LGBT “community” for falling in love with and marrying a cisgender man. Even bisexuals have been needlessly mean because I feel the term “queer” is a better fit for me instead of “bi” (it’s totally cool if “bisexual” is the term that works for you!! It’s just not the one for me).

As I say in the comic, it’s been disappointing to learn that being intolerant is a trait shared by both straights and gays. Meeting so many other bi/pansexual and homosexual-with-an-exception people who have also experienced this rejection and bullying from the queer community has been really helpful to me. We’re not alone, but damn if it doesn’t hurt like a bitch.

If you can read French, go ahead on read the whole comic, or wait another couple days for me to get the English version uploaded here on my site.

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork