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Have you ever wished you could help support my comics and me in a tangible fashion?

Dudes, you totally can.

You can become a patron of Oh Joy, Sex Toy through Patreon and help support keeping this comic my number one occupation.

What is Patreon?

It’s sort of like Kickstarter, but rather than raising one lump sum of money all in one go for one final project, instead you sort of subscribe to give me a little bit of money each time I post a new comic. I update the site once a week, so if you pledged to give me $2 each time a comic goes up, that means I’d get $8 a month from you. But it’s totally in your hands how much and how often you want to support the site and you can put a cap on just how much you’re willing to give each month. So even if I went crazy bananas and posted a hundred strips in one week, you still wouldn’t go past your cap of say, $5 a month.
Learn more at Patreon’s FAQ

Why is Erika using Patreon?

This comic IS earning me a modest income through a bunch of different channels, but it fluctuates greatly from month to month. Each week’s update is actually 4-6 pages of full color comics, condensed into a single web friendly image, and takes me a full week to make. Seriously, it’s a full time job. I don’t even have time for commissions or freelance work anymore! So I’m launching my Patreon campaign as an option for you guys to help support OJST and me.

Primarily it’s to help me in my leaner months, but also it helps me pay for more fantastic guest comics that I need to use when I get sick or hit by a car (that actually happened a couple months ago) or need a new point of view on some sexy subject.


– $1 an update – Get exclusive snapshots posted in my activity stream of my progress on the comic every day that I am working on it.

– $5 an update – Download PDFs of both volumes of my previous comic series, DAR! Originally published as books in 2009 and 2010, these PDFs include comics and bonus content that was never released online.


Thank you!

Don’t worry if you can’t contribute, OJST will always be free. This is just an avenue for super fans to help directly support the comic financially if they would like to do so. I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received since OJST‘s launch in April 2013 and I definitely do not take any of it for granted! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for enabling me to work on a project I believe in 110% and am truly passionate about. I love sharing knowledge about sex and promoting sex positivity and I will do so, with our without Patreon, for as long as I possibly can.

Article on Slixa

Hey Hey! During my art show opening at Babeland last week (THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT! More on that later), I had the chance to talk with Madeleine Clavel of Slixa for this article she wrote about my latest work!

Illustrator Erika Moen Shares The Joy of Sex Toys
Thanks so much for chatting with me, Madeleine, it was a pleasure.

Boinkology Interview

I’m so excited I got to talk with the legendary Lux Alptraum in-depth about Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

You can read our full interview over at Boinkology.

A Happy Go Lucky Podcast # 34


I am delighted to be back on A Happy Go Lucky Podcast with Leia Weathington, Jesse Morgan and Ben Coleman for episode 34! Here’s the episode description:

My main squeeze Erika Moen is in house to talk about six months of her incredible sexual health and toy review comic Oh Joy, Sex Toy! Together we all plumb the murky depths of societies attitude towards sex, our fraught educations as youngsters and the politics of desire.

Bonus content: learn what god awful wardrobe choices we all made as teenagers.

Episode 34: The Sexual Misinformation of the Breakfast Club

The New Disruptors

The New Disruptors
Glenn Fleishman had a really in-depth, thorough conversation with me earlier this month on his excellent podcast, The New Disruptors. We talk about my origins in comics, honesty & autobio, sex education, being on a reality TV show and my new comic series. It was a pleasure to talk with him and really go below the surface with him on this episode, Do Toy With My Affections.

Tattoos of my drawings!

It is never any less surprising to me each time someone gets a tattoo of my artwork. I’m especially delighted with this adorable radish from one of my readers (who prefers to remain anonymous)! Haha, so cute!!

Sean Cherney joins the elite group of people with a tattoo of my cuddlefish design! It looks so nice!

You can see more tattoos of my artwork over here.

If you’d like to get a tattoo using something I drew, I prefer that you run it by me first— in case you were curious :)

HuffPost Live – Sexual Fluidity

Sexual Fluidity and the Lesbian Community

Here is the video of my conversation yesterday with Nancy Redd at HuffPost Live yesterday in which we talked about sexual fluidity and the myth of the Lesbian Until Graduation. I was joined by Brooke Sopelsa, Marcie Bianco, Myisha Cherry and
Lisa Diamond.

I wish I’d had time to include a few more statements, so I’ll just add them here.

People who want to police and act as gatekeepers to any identity (sexual or otherwise) are useless and ineffective. As Marcie brought up in the discussion, an argument used against homosexual marriage is that same-gender couples marrying somehow diminishes (“waters down”, if you will) the marriages of oppositely-gendered couples. Obviously that is a bullshit concept. So why are homosexuals so quick to adopt it when it comes to sexual identity? “If THOSE people identify as my sexuality, it damages the legitimacy of MY identity!” No. No, it really does not.

My identity as a woman is not damaged even though there are some truly terrible women out there. My identity as a cartoonist is not damaged even though there are some truly terrible cartoonists out there. An individual’s identity is their own, regardless if other people you don’t like identify as the same thing as you.

Homosexual identity has ALWAYS been under attack and disrespected as valid, long before there was a stereotype of college girls “experimenting” and the introduction of the word “bicurious”. If you removed from the world every person who’s ever experimented or “gone through a phase”, THERE WOULD STILL BE PEOPLE ATTACKING AND INVALIDATING HOMOSEXUAL IDENTITY. Don’t blame those that “experiment” or are attracted to multiple genders for other people’s homophobia. Blame the homophobes.

Biphobia is not how you combat homophobia, but it does make those that are biphobic act just as bullying and reprehensible as homophobes.

Other people do not get to define your sexual identity. There is no such thing as a REAL [sexual ID] and a FAKE [sexual ID].

Your sexual identity HAS NO IMPACT on somebody else’s sexual identity. NONE AT ALL. There is no “watering down” of identity.

There is no test, no threshold, no status quo you have to meet to identify as your sexuality. You are the ONE PERSON who knows truly and can accurately name your sexual identity.

Nobody else.

HuffPost LIVE Tonight

HuffPost LIVE
EDIT: Instead of 6pm PST, the roundtable discussion has moved to 5:40pm PST and will run till 6:10.

Tonight at 6pm PST 5:40pm PST, I’ll be talking with Nancy Redd, Diana Cage and Jincey Lumpkin on HuffPost LIVE on the subject of sexual fluidity and looking at the shades of grey that people tend to overlook when they’re talking about sexuality in black and white terms. The show should last until 6:30 6:10, hope you tune in!

Even More Portland Mercury

Oh dang, I totally missed this earlier, but Alison also posted a longer excerpt from our conversation from my interview with her for the Portland Mercury! I talk much more in-depth about where OJST came from and the fucked up sex ed and general sexual violence I was raised with and why my comics are a reaction against that.

And, of course, the original, compact, interview remains readable here: Sex Fan – Profiling Cartoonist Erika Moen

Panel Borders: Educating with autobiography

Panel Borders
I’m very happy to have had the chance to talk with Alex Fitch on the UK podcast, Panel Borders: Educating with autobiography.

From the website:

Continuing a month of shows about lesbian and gay comics, Alex Fitch talks to MK Czerwiec and Erika Moen about their work. MK discusses her alter-ego Comic Nurse and narratives about nursing in her sequential art which include elements of autobiography and how this has led to curating zines and illustration work about her home city of Chicago. Erika talks about her webcomic Dar! which gave her a space to discuss her relationships and sexuality on the net, plus her collaborations with Jeff Parker on Bucko, published by Dark Horse, and Matthew Nolan on sex education strips. Originally broadcast 22nd July 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM (London)

My bit starts around the 22 minute mark.

Thanks for having me on!