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Photo by Leah Nash

Photo by Leah Nash
Back in May I was interviewed by MacWorld magazine and they even sent a real photographer out to my studio to take my picture, which made me feel super fancy. I liked Leah Nash‘s picture in the article so much I had to get one to use as my For Reals headshot when I have to send one in for comic convention programs and general promotional stuff.

Here’s the one I chose!

In her description of this assignment, she wrote:

On Monday, April 1st, 2013 cartoonist Erika Moen poses for a portrait at her workspace in Periscope Studios, a collective of cartoonists, illustrators, writers, concept designers, graphic novelists, and storyboard artists based in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Leah really captured the spirit of my workspace–colorful and cluttered, with a million bits and bobs that are completely crucial to my process and exactly where they need to be on my desk and in my drawers.

Portland Mercury

Portland Mercury
Oh boy! The Portland Mercury is my favorite paper and Alison Hallett my favorite journalist in it, so I was BEYOND DELIGHTED that she sat down to interview me about OJST earlier this week.

Our interview is in this week’s edition of the paper (July 17) and you can read it online riiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE: Sex Fan, Profiling Cartoonist Erika Moen

EDIT July 25th: Oh dang, I totally missed this earlier, but Alison also posted a longer excerpt from out conversation! I talk much more in-depth about where OJST came from and the fucked up sex ed and general sexual violence I was raised with and why my comics are a reaction against that.

You like that author portrait I made just for them, up above?

Well if you like it so much why don’t you just marry it buy it?
Original Art
But the original art and get a print of the finished version fully colored and with the photo, both signed!

Bitch Magazine Podcast



Sex-positive comics artist @erikamoen showin’ off her Hitachi (and hot socks!) for our podcast!

A Thing That I Did Today: recorded the sounds of my vibrators for the podcast (Thanks !)

GladRags Endorsement Videos

I’m so stoked I got to record a video with GladRags and profess my love for the Moon Cup and reusable menstrual products! I’ve been using their products for nearly two years and am so stoked to have them be an official affiliate of Oh Joy, Sex Toy (July 23rd I’ll have a comic review up of them!)

Aaaaaaand my lovely husband (and the other half of Oh Joy, Sex Toy) endorses GladRags’ reusable menstrual products too :D Here we have a conversation together about these products.

That Thing You Like

That Thing You Like #17
I’ve been listening to That Thing You Like podcast since they first started posting earlier this year, when they were talking about Strip Search. Brian and Chris have such a great charisma together that I quickly became a fan of the show even when they were talking about other subjects than that one show I was on.

Then I had the opportunity to meet these two delightful Canadian boys at VanCaf a couple months ago and they were even more charming in real life. Since then I’ve gotten to see them a couple more times in Seattle and Portland and have declared us to be Actual Friends.

I would say that I was delighted they invited me on their show except that they didn’t invite me, I just told them I wanted to be on it and they kindly obliged. So go give it a listen! I had a genuinely great time talking with them on That Thing You Like, Episode 17.

« Je suis une toile pour mon tatoueur »

« Je suis une toile pour mon tatoueur »
I was delighted to talk with Laure Siegel about my tattoos and have them photographed by one of my favorite photographers, P-Mod, for the French article « Je suis une toile pour mon tatoueur ». There’s a longer version that includes my entire interview (translated into French), called Ink Girls – version étendue.

Smitten Kitten Interview

Smitten Kitten
Oh my goodness, I was so excited to sit down and talk with Smitten Kitten about my work on Oh Joy, Sex Toy! I hope you enjoy our interview.

Wizards of the Coast

Oh man, remember when I won that challenge in Strip Search to design a skatedeck for Wizards of the Coast? It’s here! ..Well, almost. It will be here this summer at the Van’s Warped Tour and you can see my final artwork above! Read more about it over at Wizards of the Coast.

With absolutely no relation to the above, part two of my podcast interview with Dr. Dick is now online. We talk more about comics and sex!

And! Final note!
Next week, June 18th, I will be in Seattle for Penny Arcade’s livestreaming of the Strip Search season finale episode! Unfortunately, it’s all sold out, but hey! It’ll be livestreamed so you can still watch from home :)

Podcast with Dr. Dick

Lil' Erika
Last night my husband had me sketch up a handful of Lil’ Erikas to use on some promotional graphics for Oh Joy, Sex Toy and I thought this one came out pretty cute.

Hey! Ever wanted to listen to me talk about sex and comics on a podcast? YOU’RE IN LUCK because I did just that on Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice show.

Interview on Autostraddle

Oh holy moley! I’m beyond honored to have an interview up on Autostraddle with writer Alison Osworth!

Alison sat down with me over Skype for two hours while I rambled on at length about my work, sex education, and how I try to incorporate the two together.

Thank you so much, Autostraddle!