By Erika Moen on February 5, 2011

Man, the last two years I really fell away from blogging. Life gets busy, it can feel overly self-indulgent to just talk about me me me me me, I needed some distance between making myself so incredibly accessible online, and, well, I guess I just didn’t even know what to post other than advertisements for my paintings/events. But it’s fun to share my day, my thoughts, my snapshots! While I was visiting my family in England during December/January, I went back and looked through my old Livejournal entries from 2002 and was flooded with memories of how much pleasure I had back then of sharing my life. I’m tired of being just a promotional megaphone, I wanna start being a human voice online again.

Now that’s it’s February, I’d kinda like to get back into the swing of things. PREPARE FOR SELF INDULGENCE.

One of my personal projects this year is something very foreign to me. This is a creative endeavor unlike any I’ve ever undertaken. It’s forcing me to stretch my artistic muscles in ways they have never experienced! I’m calling it… OPERATION : WOMAN. The goal? To assemble and wear actual, f’reals, outfits. Of clothing. That women would wear. I want to put some effort into how I present myself; I want to look like a lady.

Why on earth is that special? Isn’t that what the majority of Western women do on a daily basis anyway? Well, yeah. But let me direct you towards this comic I drew back in 2007. So why the change of heart? I dunno! I just… I’ve gotten kinda interested in clothes? Sorta? I’ve enjoyed observing other ladies’ outfits and now it’s kinda rubbed off on me too and I wanna try it out myself.

And then there is a comment Aaron Diaz has made a couple times, about how he always wears dapper little suits about town and while he works. He told me something along the lines of how dressing nicely while he’s working on comics makes it feel like he’s treating his job seriously, that is a job worth dressing up for.

Since I’ve started Project : Woman, I gotta say I agree with him.

Once I get to Periscope Studio in the morning, I change out of my biking clothes and into my assembled outfit and then get to work. It’s subtly helped me switch gears to really get into work mode and, well, it’s fun to play dress up!

Since dressing like a lady is totally new to me and I’m still figuring out how to do it, I’m keeping a visual log of my creations. It’ll be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see any developments of a ‘style’ and if/how it may evolve over the next 12 months. Here’s all the pictures I’ve taken so far!

Alright, self-indulgence over for the moment.

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