Wardrobe Remix – Second Week of February

By Erika Moen on February 12, 2011

Project: Woman continues apace!
Here’s what I wore from February 5th – 11th.

February 5th
Wardrobe Remix
-Scarf (gift)
-Hoody, GAP
-Dress, American Apparel. (Originally a light teal but after acquiring a few stains, Matt dyed it grey.)
-Tights, Look From London
-Shoes, City Sneakers from Pay Less Shoes

February 6th and 7th
(Sometimes I like to test out an outfit on the weekend before I wear it to work on Monday)
Wardrobe Remix
-Shirt, Fossil (gift)
-Skirt, Nine West (gift)
-Tights (second-hand)
-Shoes, Soda (gift)

February 8th
Wardrobe Remix
Shirt, Fishbowl Clothing (gift)
Tank Top, Anchor Blue (gift)
Skirt, no label (gift)
Tights (white, not visible)
Socks, Diesel Sweeties (gift)
Shoes, Pay Less Shoes

February 9th
Wardrobe Remix
-Cardigan, GAP (gift)
-Tank top, Marks and Spencer (gift)
-Dress (worn as a skirt), American Apparel
-Tights, second-hand
-Shoes, Soda (gift)

February 10
Wardrobe Remix
-Shirt, Aeropostal (second hand)
-Skirt, Angie (gift)
-Tights (second hand)
-Boots, Shoon

February 11th
Wardrobe Remix
-Shirt, Oasis 10/36 (gift)
-Skirt, Nine West (gift)
-Tights (second hand)
-Boots, Shoon

Looking over this week’s collection, I think I was subconsciously seeking out colors on the red spectrum. Maybe to compliment my pink hair? Or maybe because I like bright, reddy hues. WHO CAN SAY. Also… I hadn’t realized just how much of my wardrobe is composed of pieces given to me by friends and family either as presents or hand-me-downs. Good lord.

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