Bucko Book

By Erika Moen on September 12, 2012

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit, you guys! Bucko is finally available as a collected book from Dark Horse Comics TODAY.

It turned beautifully, I am so incredibly impressed with the production quality of this book. Allyson Haller was the designer on this project and oh my lord she totally nailed it.

Allyson successfully made the layout really playful and totally reflected the feeling of the content– a touch I was definitely not expecting! The first time I looked at the proofs for the book, my mouth was honestly hanging open with how impressive her work was.

Let me share this preview of the book with you!

Parker and I packed in jokes onto pretty much every single page, including the dedication.

Parker wrote essays about his creative process and inspirations between each chapter, along with my chapter break art to accompany it.

Aaaaand we made a bunch of brand new comics just for the book!

Extra comics, including the origin story of the Jugalette!

Over the course of the year I spent working Bucko, I amassed probably hundreds of reference photos of myself and fellow studiomates for the poses of the characters. Here, I share them with you!

Parker and I even broke down how we’d make a page together. From script to finished comic!

And, of course, we used this book to share some of the gorgeous artwork our readers created for us. Pictured here: Ron Chan, Deanna Echanique, Tara Abbamondi, and Adam Grant.

We’ve even got some sweet blurb quotes from Scott McCloud, Danielle Corsetto, Gisèle Legacé and more!

In the last few days reviews for the book have started rolling in– check out what Darling Dork, Talking Comic Books, Comics Worth Reading and Andrew Shuping have to say about our collection.

So, BAM! There you have it. That is our book.

If you are ready to get your own copy, try you local comic shop or Things From Another World, Powell’s, or Amazon.

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