Emerald City Comic Con

By Erika Moen on March 9, 2011

Oh man, what a weekend!
After a year of non-stop conventioning during 2010, I decided this year I was going to cut way, way, way back. But the Emerald City Comic Con is definitely one of my most favorite comic events, so there was no way I would be missing it! True to form, it was once again a total blast.

My Table at ECCC
My fellow Periscope Studiomate and boothmate, Dylan Meconis and me at our sweet set-up.

More table pictures (Everything on there is available for sale):
My Table at ECCC

My Table at ECCC

My Table at ECCC

Katie and Dylan
My favorite boothmates, Work Made For Hire and Dylan Meconis.

The best part about these shows is getting to see my friends from far away.
Jacq Cohen and Me
Jacq Cohen was one of my first friends I made when I moved to Portland, until she moved away to Seattle a year ago to work at Fantagraphics. I miss her like crazy but I’m so happy she’s got such a good life up north!

Dylan, Trixie and Kaebel
Trixie and Kaebel were making fun of Dylan’s cowlicks.

SuicideGirls and Me
Just hangin’ with some SuicideGirls, y’know how it is. That’s Cherry on the far right, one of my favorite people and a super amazing photographer. I’d been a fan of her gorgeous photography for, literally, years and years and then I had the incredible good luck to meet her at last year’s ECCC. We’ve been long distance friends ever since, meeting up sporadically whenver she comes down into the States. Someday Matt and I will make it up to Vancouver so we can have an Art Night together. F’reals.

Danielle Corsetto and me
My brother from another mother, Danielle Corsetto, and me! Take by Joel Watson. The size of my boner for this lady cannot be contained by any pants known to man.

Emily Cheney and me
Holy crap, Emily and I met over a decade through the Batman: The Animated Series fandom online and we’ve been orbiting through each others lives ever since. She’s a talented artist and a helluva lady– and she makes a great rhino to boot.

Steve Lieber and me signing at the TFAW booth
Steve Lieber and me signing our respective books at the Things From Another World booth.

Jeff Parker and me classin' it up
In honor of Classoline Alley, Parker and I cleaned up a bit. Parker is, of course, the author of my current series, Bucko, which you are, of course, totally loving because it’s so well written.

Matt, Jasika Nicole and me
Definitely the highlight of the whole convention was getting to finally meet Jasika Nicole! She’s a super talented and funny lady– Not only does she play Astrid on Fringe, but she’s also an artist as well! You can follow her artwork updates on her Tumbler.

Jasika Nicole and me
One more, just for good luck!

Convention Butt
This angle does not do justice to the epic of exposed ass this lady was displaying. It would not be a comic con without thinly hidden butt nudity!

Oh! Here’s a few more pictures I just found from Deborah Lipski for Christian Lipski’s ECCC Examiner article.
Matt and me by Deborah Lipski

Matt and me by Deborah Lipski

Signing Books
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came by my table and bought my work! It means the world to me and I always have so much fun meeting everyone.

See you next year!

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