I’m Not Here to Make Friends

By Erika Moen on January 1, 2013

In December I “went on a trip” for two weeks that I couldn’t tell anyone about because, uh, I was in Seattle being filmed as a contestant on Penny Arcade’s reality TV game show, Strip Search.

So yeah! That is my big news. Episodes are expected to start running in the first quarter of this year, so I’m guessing sometime around March-ish? But hey, don’t hold me to that.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, not least of all because they gave me this commemorative pin!

And also I got to compete and bond with eleven amazing cartoonists that I’m proud to call my friends. Tavis Maiden, Nick Trujillo, Lexxy Douglass, Mackenzie Schubert, Maki Naro, Abby Howard, Ty Halley, Katie Rice, Monica Ray, Amy T. Falcone, and Alex Hobbsthank you for teaching me how to love again.

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