Queer (French Version)

By Erika Moen on May 17, 2012

I’m so excited that I can finally share my new comic with you guys! It’s called Queer and you can read it in French over at Projet 17 mai. Many, many thanks to Dwam for correcting my original (hilariously bad) translation and turning it into something readable in French.

May 17th, 1990 is the day L’Organisation Mondial de la Santé (World Health Organisation) struck homosexuality from its books as a mental illness, turning May 17th into an international day of remembrance and a day to fight homophobia and transphobia.

Projet 17 mai contacted me several months ago about creating a comic on the theme of homophobia, and though it is definitely something I’ve experienced (being denied service, having people throw garbage, being followed by howling gangs of men, etc. just for holding my girlfriend’s hand), I actually have been more hurt and upset by the biphobia I’ve experienced from the LGBT “community” for falling in love with and marrying a cisgender man. Even bisexuals have been needlessly mean because I feel the term “queer” is a better fit for me instead of “bi” (it’s totally cool if “bisexual” is the term that works for you!! It’s just not the one for me).

As I say in the comic, it’s been disappointing to learn that being intolerant is a trait shared by both straights and gays. Meeting so many other bi/pansexual and homosexual-with-an-exception people who have also experienced this rejection and bullying from the queer community has been really helpful to me. We’re not alone, but damn if it doesn’t hurt like a bitch.

If you can read French, go ahead on read the whole comic, or wait another couple days for me to get the English version uploaded here on my site.

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