Stumptown Comics Fest

By Erika Moen on April 30, 2011

You guuuuuuys! My favorite holiday of the year has come and gone! That would be the Stumptown Comics Fest! Since the inaugural first Fest in 2004 at the Old Church, I have attended every single one and it has remained my most favorite convention. So I was especially honored when they invited me to be one of their special guests this year! Oh man, you can bet I felt pretty fucking validated this April.

Hold on, because I have approximately 20 million photos to share with you guys.


To start things out, Matt and I were delighted to have my ladybro Leia Weathington stay with us for five days.

Leia Cooking For Us

Leia prepared a lovely tuna dinner for Adam Ellis, Matt and me. She is doing a good job wearing Matt’s Marmite apron.

Leia and me

We also had a chance to eat glorious French food at Petite Provence.

The night before Stumptown, Cat Farris and Natalie Nourigat threw a BITCHIN’ Drink And Draw Like a Lady event at the Hollywood branch of Things From Another World with Elisabeth Forsythe.

Watch out, Photo Dump Below:

An Outfit to go with Gold Leggings

My outfit I assembled JUST for DDLL!
-Top, American Apparel
-Skirt, second-hand from Buffalo Exchange. The gold dots are shiny!
-Leggings, Sock Dreams, gift from Trixie Biltmore when I was blue.
-Shoes, gift

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Sarah Oleksyk and me, showing off our bitchin’ outfits.

Drink and Draw Like a Lady

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Sarah Oleksyk and Katie Lane

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Katie Lane and Leia Weathington

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Katie Lane, Lindsey Ellis, Sarah Oleksyk and a mystery person.

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Rhiannon R.S. (middle) and Christianne Goudreau (right)

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Natalie Nourigat and meeeeee. Lookit Tally’s hot leg action! Kick!

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Angela Melick and Emi Lenox

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Dylan Meconis, Katie Lane and Lindsey Ellis.

Drink and Draw Like a Lady

Jen Wang and Deborah Lipski. They both had the same style of feather attached to their hair!

Drink and Draw Like a Lady

After, literally, YEARS of silent internet stalking, I finally got to meet one of my favorite artists, Emily Carroll!

Drink and Draw Like a Lady
Leia Weathington and Emily Carroll

Cat, Tally and Elizabeth did a great job with DDLL this year. Normally I kind of freak out at parties because, you know, people. Around me. Expecting me to be social with them. AHK. But I actually really enjoyed myself at this party and managed to relax and have fun! Amazing.

Then, at last, it was Saturday and time to start the convention.

I spoke on a few panels!

Making Comics Panel

David Hahn, Dylan Meconis, Laura Hudson, me, and Jonathan Case
Photo by Deborah Lipski for the Portland Examiner’s “Making Comics” Panel Recap article.

Making Comics Panel

Jonathan Case and me, sharing knowledge. (Photo by Deborah Lipski for the Portland Examiner’s “Making Comics” Panel Recap article.)

Making Comics Panel

(Photo by Deborah Lipski for the Portland Examiner’s “Making Comics” Panel Recap article.)

And then it was back to my table!

Matt and me

I love this photo of Matt and me by Merrick Monroe :)

Conventions are great for allowing me to see my far away friends…


Like Jacq Cohen! WE DID NOT COORDINATE OUR OUTFITS, this just happened naturally.

My Worlds, Colliding

Elisa, Jen Wang, Brenna Zedan and Chase Allgood— All people I originally met through different, unrelated corners of the internet who have been For Reals for friends for years now at this point, all standing next to each other.

Elisa, Phillip and Sophia

My favorite creative family: Elisa, Phillip and Sophia. If you’ve seen naked photos of me covered in various substances or cephalopods, they were taken by Elisa ;)

Everett and Steve

Everett Patterson and Steve Lieber, directly across from my table.

Comic Peoples
Aaron Colter, Jacq Cohen and Dylan Meconis

Super exciting for me, I also got to meet another of my long-time internet stalkees, Molly Crabapple!

Molly Crabapple and me

I was lucky enough to sit with her for dinner and this lady is class in a glass, I tell you what.

Finally, Sunday evening rolled around and it was time to pack everything up.


Matt and I loaded all my convention gear onto the back of his bike and my bike trailer and we rode home, forming our own bicycling nerd caravan.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table and bought my books and original art! I can’t wait to do it all again next year :)