I Stand With Planned Parenthood

By Erika Moen on December 27, 2012

In November I released my limited edition of 19 copies I Stand With Planned Parenthood screenprints that include a custom portrait to show off just who it is that’s standing with PP.

14 sold that first month, allowing me to donate $630.
This second month I sold the final five copies, raising and today donating $225.
That means my commissioners and I raised and donated $855!
Planned Parenthood Receipts

BUT, Planned Parenthood has a special dollar-for-dollar donor matching marathon going on until December 31st, which means that final $225 is now worth $450!

So that means Planned Parenthood actually received $1,080 from our $855 fundraiser!!!!

Thank you, folks, for teaming up with me to support an absolutely fundamental medical resource to Americans. I’m hard at work completing the portraits and they will be shipping out the door this January.

I heartily encourage everyone to donate to Planned Parenthood before the end of this month, doubling your donation!

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