Morning Serial at the Henry Art Gallery

By Erika Moen on April 4, 2012

Oh my goodness, I’m back from my whirlwind five day trip up to Seattle! In addition to the Emerald City Comicon on the weekend, I also had a panel discussion to participate in at the Henry Art Gallery the day before!

Museology graduate student Sarra Scherb organized the Morning Serial exhibit on the role of webcomics and their evolution over the last decade and I was honored to be included as one of her six example artists!

(Click to Enlarge) I was blown away by how great the space looked! Four giant monitors rotated through our artwork, with commentary about webcomics framed in speech balloons positioned around the entire room.

(Click to Enlarge) A page from Templar, AZ, Mr. Aaron Diaz looking at his own page of Dresden Codak, and a page of Family Man.

(Click to Enlarge) My sweetass display! Awwwww yeeeeeeeah!

Emily Ivie, Aaron Diaz, Evan Dahm, and Dylan Meconis chatting before our panel begins. Unfortunately Spike had to cancel at the last minute, on account of her poor sick dog! I appreciate how it looks like that one speech balloon is coming right from Aaron’s own mouth.

It was a real pleasure getting to talk with everyone on this panel. The room was packed! Two hours flew by quickly and we covered a ton of good topics about the realities of creating comics and answering the audience’s questions.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came out to listen and talk with us! You guys were great, for reals. And a major THANK YOU to Sarra Scherb for organizing all of this! You were amazing and the show looks fantastic.

If you live in Seattle and would like to see the Morning Serial exhibit for yourself, it will be up from March 3rd – June 30th at the Henry Art Gallery, the University of Washington’s contemporary art museum. There are still a number of upcoming, comics-related events being hosted there! Learn more information about their 5 Hour Comics Day and participation in Free Comic Book Day in April and May!

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