No Straight Lines Book Reading

By Erika Moen on August 24, 2012

A couple weeks ago I took part in the Portland release party of the No Straight Lines anthology at Floating World Comics!
I’m so honored to have three of my DAR! comics included in this history book of queer comics. Dang. Seriously, when I first started drawing that dumb little journal comic as a 20 year old, I never thought it’d be anything more than a self-indulgent hobby– certainly not a story that would wind up being published in two books and included in something as important as this anthology when I turned 29. It’s pretty humbling, honestly.

The strips included are are 1) Sexidents, 2) Titles, and 3) So Much Pussy (Which is only available in DAR! Volume Two. Well, and now No Straight Lines, too!)

I read a handful of my comics out loud while the artwork was projected on the wall behind me. Oh, that dress I’m wearing? That is my custom-made by Miriam Chin octopus dress, complete with tentacles and suckers. Oh yes. Full post on that guy coming soon.

No Straight Lines is the product of Justin Hall‘s love, dedication, sweat, and tears; he did a wonderful job curating and editing this book.

It was wonderful to meet two of my fellow contributors, Robert Triptow and Vaughn Frick, and hear them perform as well! All in all, a lovely event. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the reading!

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