OPB on Opera Comics

By Erika Moen on October 29, 2011

Oh my goodness, I’d completely forgotten that earlier this year Oregon Art Beat (OPB) documented one of the Cartoonists at the Opera nights at the Portland Opera! And not only that, but they actually used some footage of me in their final product! Yessss, faaaaaaame.

Here is the low-down, for the first season of the year the Portland Opera would bring in around 20 cartoonists to the final dress rehearsal of each of their productions. They would wine us, dine us, and give us a backstage tour of the set before sitting us down in the front rows of the theater to get our opera on. All this in exchange for us to draw as much as we could on whatever caught our eyes and to then share our resulting artwork with them.

Yeah, the life of a cartoonist has its perks.

Here is OPB’s Write Up on the event.

Now, I do not have my artwork from the Turandot production (the opera featured in the clip above) online, but here is my journal sketchbook from the Pagliacci / Carmina Burana performance! Riiiiiiight here.

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