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By Erika Moen on February 2, 2012

Oh dang, I’m a million years late, but here are some photos from my book signing event at Seattle’s Comics Dungeon on January 21st!

You guys. You guys, seriously. The staff at Comics Dungeon go above and beyond for their customers and visiting cartoonists. I was blown away by the genuine kindness of Chris, Scott, and Nicole. They treated my husband and me like royalty!

Check out this sweet counter set-up I got to lay my wares all over:

Then, of course, there were all the wonderful folks who came by to say ‘hi!’ I had some great conversations with readers I’ve met at past events and brand new folks just discovering my work for the first time. There was a nice, steady flow of people coming through, but the crowds were not so overwhelming that I couldn’t still talk with people one-on-one. That is my favorite!

Now, I am originally a Seattle native, which meant I lived and attended school there from birth until I was 18 years old. When I was about 14 or 15 years old, I took my first comic book class with Lin Lucas the summer before I began my freshman year of high school. Freshman year David Kelly (Who as a new book, wonderful book just out that I really recommend, Rainy Day Recess) taught the class, and then in my senior year I had the opportunity to take the class again with Lin for the second time– which is where I created my first long-form comic, Coffee To Go (Warning: I was 17ish. [cringe])

Both Lin Lucas and David Kelly were hugely influential to me as a teenager, teaching me the ropes of how you actually create comics. I use the lessons they taught me every day (no joke!) and I am so, so grateful for their guidance. If it weren’t for them I may not have invested myself so fully into comics and where would I be now? Who knows!

Which is a long way of me leading up to say that I was super honored Lin was kind enough to stop by my signing! Thank you for everything, Lin.

And, speaking of people I’ve known (online counts!) since I was a teenager, Claire Hummel (AKA Shoomlah) came over and hung out with Matt and me for a couple hours! Over a decade ago (around the time I was taking my first comicking class, actually…), Claire and I used to post in the same art forum and then through the power of internet-to-real-life transcendence, we actually got to meet up face to face several years ago and would’ja believe we liked each other just as much without a computer screen between us! She is an incredibly smart, talented, hard working lady who draws like a badass.

Also, check out my sweet ladybug boots. Seattle was still covered in snow and ice, so it was actually a necessity that I wear my rubber boots so as to not destroy my nicer shoes. (They have little smiling ladybug faces on the toes)

So yeah! That was my signing!

A million thanks to everyone who turned out, it was better than I could have possibly hoped for.

ALSO!! I am having a sale on my DAR! books and am including a FREE giant octopus sticker with EVERY ORDER from my store until February 7th.

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