The Burrow

By Erika Moen on May 12, 2011

Oh man, last week was super busy! Super busy. Super radtastical busy!!

My long-time friend and studiomate, Dylan Meconis, and I made plans to fly out to Chicago to meet up with our super amazing friend and creative-force-of-nature friend, Lucy Knisley so we could all three travel across the border into Toronto, Canada for the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

So! Bright and early at 6am on a lovely Thursday morning, Dylan and I got on a plane to complete the first leg of our journey.



Once we had touched down, Lucy met us at the train station that had taken us from the airport to her section of town so we could begin the walk back to her apartment– which is when I spotted this guy.

Tree Reader

He was just chillin’ in that tree, reading his book. You know, as you do.

Dylan and Lucy in The Burrow's Living Room

And then, wonder of wonders, we made it to Lucy’s ADORABLE apartment and home studio that she shares with fellow artist Nora Renick-Rinehart, which is affectionately known as The Burrow!

I’ve seen plenty of photos of this place on Flickr and whatnot but they do not capture the homey-honey-hugged feel this place wraps you up in as soon as you enter it. Art, pretty things, knick-knacks, tools, textiles and cats cover every inch of this apartment/studio.

The Burrow

It’s a super inspiring place to wander around in as there’s always a new detail to admire.

The Burrow Studio


Nora started this behemoth plant from just one little clipping!


Dried Berries

Kitchen Accents

On top of the refrigerator.

Lucy and Nora collaborate together on lots of screenprint projects, combining Lucy’s drawing talents with Nora’s fiber artistry– such as this Buffy the Vampire Slayer silk screen:

Burrow Accents

And… cats. Lots of cats.


Dylan and Linney

Dylan and Linney meet each other.


Ripley shows off her goods.

Ripley and Lucy

The cats kind of own the place.

Ripley and Lucy

Lucy and Ripley.

While Dylan got the foldout couch, I called dibs on the backroom with the purple sequined fabric hanging across the wall which had previously served as the backdrop for their last party’s photobooth room thing.

Little Nook Bedroom

Yeah, pretty cosy, I understand if you’re jealous.

We were going to go out to a big gay dance party together but then out of the blue there was this super intense thunder storm (?!), so instead we opted to watch the newest episode of 30 Rock and Bones on the couch while petting cats.

Then the next day it was Lucy, Dylan and me taking off for Toronto!

Walking to the Train

I’ve got way too many photos to cram into one post, so I’ll save the rest of them for a second entry dedicated solely to our Canadian exploits.


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