Butt Virginity

By Erika Moen on May 15, 2013

Jason Fink made this clip of me answering the virginity question from episode 6 of Strip Search.

“Virginity” is an out-dated, sexist, heterocentric concept that exists to determine a (cisgender) woman’s value and worth. Being sexually active is about physical intimacy in ALL of its forms, PENIS IN VAGINA is not the be-all, end-all of sex acts. 

You’ve got SO MANY virginities and you can share them with SO MANY different people in different ways (If that appeals to you, if you don’t feel that urge that’s totally cool and natural too!)

Sex Educator Extraordinaire, Laci Green, has made some great, short videos talking about the concept of virginity that you should totally check out! WHAT COUNTS AS SEX?, You can’t POP Your Cherry! (Hymen 101), Losing Your Virginity?! and 23 YEAR OLD VIRGIN?…

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