Fabric Squid Collage by Jenna Robertson

By Erika Moen on April 10, 2012

Oh my gooooooooosh, look what Matt and I have just acquired!

It’s an original fabric collage by Jenna Robertson, of Woolie Originals fame! (That’s her, dropping it off at our house) She makes the most beautiful, inviting collages out of scraps of fabric and clothes that she sews together and mounts on wooden frames, in addition to her own custom-designed apparel, accessories, and toys.

Last year Matthew and I saw some of her amazing collage-work featured in our favorite coffee shop, Albina Press, and we couldn’t stop admiring her pieces (pictured above!). Though we both agreed one of her squid pieces would go perfectly on the oppressively white, barren wall next to our bed, we managed to talk ourselves out of buying anything for the entire month her show was up.

A year later we were still bringing up how nice one of her pieces would look in the bedroom, and it isn’t a shame that we didn’t get one after all. In my mind, if a year goes by and you are still actively pining for something, then it’s time to nut up and pay for it.

The original pieces from the coffee shop had already sold long ago, but when I contacted her she was available to custom make us a collage fit to our request! My only desire was for the squid to take up as much space as possible. I didn’t want no shrimpy squids, oh no, I wanted a motherfuckin’ MEGA SQUID.

Man, how freakin’ perfect is this?

See what I mean about that soul-sucking blank wall next to our bed? SO DEPRESSING. –Until the collage! Yay! I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!

Ah yes, our bedroom is so much more improved now. I’m so incredibly happy with our purchase and full-heartedly recommend commissioning or buying any of Jenna Robertson‘s creations.

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