Speaking to the Commissioners about the Library

By Erika Moen on December 22, 2011

(The pink hair second from the right is me!)

A few days ago I shared Katie Lane’s letter about what Portlanders can do to keep our libraries fully funded and 80-100 librarians from being laid off in the coming year. One of the actions a Portlander could take would be to show up at today’s Meeting of the Board of Commissioners and testify your support of the library.

There was a GREAT turn out of supporters and some truly moving speeches made, thank you so much to everyone who came. It was really moving and I was impressed with how receptive and friendly the commissioners were.

Turns out, the entire thing was recorded! Yes, you can watch it for yourself from the comfort of your computer!

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Of course I have to give a spotlight to my friends who spoke up!

My wonderful friend Katie Lane is the one who first filled me in on the library’s plight and she is the author of the letter I posted in my last entry on this matter. Her speech gave me goosebumps, no lie. Her talk starts at the 14 minute mark.

George Rohac shares his insight into the beneficial relationship the library provides to a local comics publisher from a financial standpoint. His talk starts at the 17 minute mark.

Dang, and then there’s old me! I was all nerves and not nearly as eloquent as my comrades, but I tried to show the commissioners how the library is still an indispensable resource to creators like me, despite the presence of the internet. If I could go back in time, I would have spoken a little less meekly, but hey!, at the very least I’m happy I got to have my voice heard at all. I start at the 23 minute mark.

If you could not make it out to the talk today, you can still help!

Contact Chair Cogen, Commissioner Kafoury and Commissioner Smith and tell them you support the library staying fully funded and to let the people vote on making a library district.

  • Chair Cogen: (503) 988-3308, [email protected]
  • Comm. Kafoury: (503) 988-5220, [email protected]
  • Comm. Smith: (503) 988-5219, [email protected]

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