Stick Friends

By Erika Moen on October 13, 2011

During her stay with us in April, my hilarious and talented friend Leia Weathington was introduced to Matt’s obsession… His Stick Friends.

She’s written a brilliant little piece about the experience over on her blog, in a piece titled “A Jar Full of Besties“, that honestly impressed me with how faithful she stayed to all of our actual dialogue. Seriously, I remember that conversation and it’s like she freakin’ transcribed it, no embellishments.

So anyway, if you read her post and were wondering what, exactly, a “Stick Friend” is, I took the above photo to actually show you.

Now you know!

(If you enjoy laughing, you should really honestly be following Leia over on A Happy Go Lucky Scamp because she is kiiiiiinda soooooorta awesome and hilarious. Just sayin’)

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