Europe: Part Two (The Flight)

By Erika Moen on December 21, 2011

(Riding the MAX to get to the Portland airport)

Continuing on from my previous post, here are some of the photos and drawings I made while we were flying from Portland to Seattle to London.

Matt playing with his iPad while we wait for our first flight.

Once we landed in Seattle, we had some time to kill before our final flight, so I took the time to document the amazing light coming in through the windows.

Natural lens flare!

Dang, so pretty.

And then finally we were on our final flight, set to land in London. I forget exactly how many hours we would be flying, but we departed on October 25th at 3:30pm and arrived October 26th at 12pm, so we definitely had a very full day of traveling to look forward to.

Read all our trip’s entries together, in reverse-chronological order.

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