Jasper Fforde Signing!

By Erika Moen on March 18, 2011

Jasper Fforde in Portland

The reason I picked up Jasper Fforde‘s “Shades of Gray” in a London tube station this December was because I knew that Dylan and Bill had done some illustration work for his books, so I figured I’d be supporting them by picking up a copy.

Turns out, it was a damn good book.

Despite the fact that I’ve only read two of his books in the last three months, I’ve totally, completely adored them and consider myself an instant fan, so when Dylan and Bill offered me a ride to his Portland signing of course I was all “HELLZ YEAH”

Jasper Fforde in Portland

(I get this face from Dylan a lot. A. Lot. Like, every time she hears my voice, actually. It’s like a reflex.)

At first I foolishly entrusted Dylan to handle the camera, but after she accidentally recorded awkward video of Jasper and me smiling for too long Katie stepped in and made an actual photo happen.

Jasper Fforde in Portland

Right when Jasper started his talk, he gestured to Dylan and Bill, who were standing off to the side with Katie and me sitting by their feet, and suggested people could also ask for their signatures seeing as they are his book illustrators.

Keep in mind, I have pink hair, no glasses and was wearing a shlubby faded blue raincoat and jeans, while Dylan has dark brown hair, glasses, and was wearing a stylish brown dress, tights, boots and shawl.

Bill and I split as soon as the talk was over so we could grab some eats while Jasper worked through his easily-an-hour-long line of waiting fans. While out in the mall, not even the bookstore but the mall, Bill and I started getting approached by book-wielding fans asking for our autographs. When we came back into the bookstore even more people started crowding around, thrusting their books at us.They thought I was Dylan!

This is decade’s long standing mistake that everyone, everyone, makes. Since we met at the same high school in the last year of the 90s to present day in our studio, Dylan and I are always confused for each other. Always. Always.

The mind boggles.

Jasper Fforde in Portland

In hindsight, I should have taken advantage of the situation by drawing inappropriate cartoons in their books and signing my name Dylan, but alas I was honest about my true identity. Next time.

Jasper Fforde in Portland

I like how these women look completely disgusted at the dick pictures Dylan was undoubtedly drawing in that book. What a lovable scamp!

Jasper Fforde in Portland

Surprisingly, even though he was obviously exhausted after his charming and witty talk followed by an hour+ of signing, he actually had time to hang out afterward!

Jasper Fforde in Portland

Let me just confide in you, dear internet stranger, that Jasper Fforde is just as charming in real life as you would hope he is after having read his books. The clever ways he turns around words and creates interesting sentence structures in his books is actually pretty true to how he really speaks. This is a dude who was born to be a storyteller in one way or another!

It was a truly lovely evening, thank you so much to Dylan, Bill and Katie for letting me tag along.

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