Comics Alliance Article on Depression

By Erika Moen on November 18, 2011

Hey, I am surprised-flattered to have some pages from DAR! included in Lauren Davis’ article, Sequential Sadness: Exploring the Pain of Depression in Webcomics.

In the beginning of that comic, I did dedicate a good amount of paper to documenting my struggles with depression, but as the years wore on and I kept updating my strip I definitely made a conscious effort to turn away focus from the sad elements of my life in favor of the more fun and entertaining. Which is not to imply that I also starved my depression by not paying it attention until it went away, because it’s still something I deal with every day even now. I’m lucky I’ve got good friends, a good partner, and a lovely life that helps me keep perspective even when my brain chemicals are all out of whack.

But that is beside the point! What I am trying to say is that Lauren talks about other comics that have covered the topic of depression and shares some of her own thoughts on the subject, so if you are interested in that topic you should go check! it! out!

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