Cort and Fatboy

By Erika Moen on October 12, 2012

Listen to Leia Weathington and Erika Moen on Cort and Fatboy!

“Leia Weathington and Erika Moen are Smut Peddlers. Or at least, they’re comics creators who have contributed a 7 page opus de smut to contribute to an independent tome of lady-centric comics pornography. What the hell does any of that even mean? It’s so much better to hear them tell it, as well as the story of how they came to be collaborators, and what it’s like to work at Periscope Studios, apparently an oasis of sanity and awesomeosity in an industry not so much known for either things. Erika also breaks down the inspired question from Jeff Parker at the heart of her collaboration with him, “Bucko,” and since we’re discussing the art of titillation, it only makes sense that Paul Ryan’s pictures come up for discussion. BONUS: Leia and Bobby slapfight each other over fashion and mispronunciations!”

Where to find the things we talk about:
-Visit Leia Weathington, Dylan Meconis, Lucy Knisley, and Periscope Studio
-Buy The Sexy Times Poster
-Buy Smut Peddler
-Buy Bucko: Customized by Erika, RegularThings From Another World, Powell’s, or Amazon
-Come see Leia and me read our Smut Peddler story at Comics Underground on October 18th at the Jack London Bar at 529 SW 4th Ave, Portland, 8pm. 

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