Panel Borders: Educating with autobiography

By Erika Moen on July 23, 2013

Panel Borders
I’m very happy to have had the chance to talk with Alex Fitch on the UK podcast, Panel Borders: Educating with autobiography.

From the website:

Continuing a month of shows about lesbian and gay comics, Alex Fitch talks to MK Czerwiec and Erika Moen about their work. MK discusses her alter-ego Comic Nurse and narratives about nursing in her sequential art which include elements of autobiography and how this has led to curating zines and illustration work about her home city of Chicago. Erika talks about her webcomic Dar! which gave her a space to discuss her relationships and sexuality on the net, plus her collaborations with Jeff Parker on Bucko, published by Dark Horse, and Matthew Nolan on sex education strips. Originally broadcast 22nd July 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM (London)

My bit starts around the 22 minute mark.

Thanks for having me on!

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