Portland Mercury

By Erika Moen on July 18, 2013

Portland Mercury
Oh boy! The Portland Mercury is my favorite paper and Alison Hallett my favorite journalist in it, so I was BEYOND DELIGHTED that she sat down to interview me about OJST earlier this week.

Our interview is in this week’s edition of the paper (July 17) and you can read it online riiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE: Sex Fan, Profiling Cartoonist Erika Moen

EDIT July 25th: Oh dang, I totally missed this earlier, but Alison also posted a longer excerpt from out conversation! I talk much more in-depth about where OJST came from and the fucked up sex ed and general sexual violence I was raised with and why my comics are a reaction against that.

You like that author portrait I made just for them, up above?

Well if you like it so much why don’t you just marry it buy it?
Original Art
But the original art and get a print of the finished version fully colored and with the photo, both signed!

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