That Thing You Like

By Erika Moen on July 8, 2013

That Thing You Like #17
I’ve been listening to That Thing You Like podcast since they first started posting earlier this year, when they were talking about Strip Search. Brian and Chris have such a great charisma together that I quickly became a fan of the show even when they were talking about other subjects than that one show I was on.

Then I had the opportunity to meet these two delightful Canadian boys at VanCaf a couple months ago and they were even more charming in real life. Since then I’ve gotten to see them a couple more times in Seattle and Portland and have declared us to be Actual Friends.

I would say that I was delighted they invited me on their show except that they didn’t invite me, I just told them I wanted to be on it and they kindly obliged. So go give it a listen! I had a genuinely great time talking with them on That Thing You Like, Episode 17.

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